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Agroprodmash 2017 addresses future of fruit and vegetable processing in Russia

17.10.2017 Section: News of branch

The 4th annual conference ‘Modern equipment and technologies for fruit and vegetable processing’ organized by JSC Expocenter together with the industry news agency FruitNews at the Agroprodmash 2017 exhibition has addressed problems of the fruit and vegetable processing market.

The subject of fruit and vegetable processing is becoming topical. “Its significance has especially risen after our country has started considering the processing option as an alternative and a way to support fruit and vegetable exports from Russia,” conference moderator and FruitNews General Director Irina Koziy said. She told the audience about the availability of raw materials for Russia’s processing industry. According to the news agency, the production of potato is on the rise, the production of onions is rocketing, there is a good chance to process carrots, and farms are stepping up the production of tomatoes. It is also possible to process berries, Koziy said.

Russia’s dairy industry: new requirements and forecasts. Russian Dairy Forum held on Agroprodmash 2017 sidelines

17.10.2017 Section: News of branch

The 12th Russian forum, ‘Innovation technologies and dairy industry equipment,’ was the first event of the business program of the 22nd international exhibition Agroprodmash 2017, which opened at Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya.

The forum is an acknowledged official business platform addressing dairy industry problems. It was organized by the Imperia Convention and Exhibition Company (KVK Imperia) with the support of Expocenter. Traditionally, it is attended by heads of dairy factories, equipment manufacturers, analysts, dairy production modernization specialists, marketing experts, and dairy industry professionals.

Agroprodmash 2017 gathers together bread industry professionals

16.10.2017 Section: News of branch

The 2nd Russian forum of bread and confectionary industry, Bread Business 2017, opened in the context on the business program of the Agroprodmash 2017 international exhibition.

The forum organizer, the Imperia Convention and Exhibition Company (KVK Imperia), polled 150 heads of bread and confectionary industry enterprises to make a list of the most pressing problems experienced by the industry in 2017-2018. Twenty-five speakers will answer those questions at the forum.

Agroprodmash 2017: Meat congress participants discuss topic of the year

16.10.2017 Section: News of branch

Participants in the business program of the Agroprodmash 2017 international exhibition gathered for the 7thinternational meat congress, ‘Electronic veterinarian certification. Summing up results’. A representative of the congress organizer, Deputy Director of the Gorbatov Meat Industry Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Zakharov, was the congress moderator.

“We are trying to highlight topical issues at these annual congresses and dwell on the subjects vital to the meat industry,” Zakharov said in his opening remarks. “Today we will speak on electronic veterinarian certification. According to the new edition of the Law on Veterinary, all enterprises shall go electronic on January 1, 2018,” he said.

Government to recover costs to the Agroprodmash participants

06.10.2017 Section: News of branch

Dozens of Russian manufacturers of food processing equipment will take part in the forthcoming exhibition Agroprodmash 2017. They will showcase their new and promising developments for livestock, poultry and farm businesses, milk processing plants, cheese makers, producers of juices and beverages, processors of fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish processing plants, etc.

As far as 2017 is an official start of the program of state support of Russian food machinery companies, it is expected that the number of Russian participants in the Agroprodmash exhibition will grow further on. And there is the reason: thanks to joint work of Russian Export Center, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Rosspetsmash Association (uniting manufacturers of food, road building and farm machinery industries), now business expenses including participation in Russian international trade shows will be reimbursed. Thus, global experience in supporting participation of Russian manufacturers in international trade shows and fairs will be used in our country as well. This issue is regulated by Decree No.488 of the Russian Government as of 24 April 2017 which stipulates mechanisms to partially finance expenses connected with promotion of high tech, innovative and other products and services to overseas markets. The Agroprodmash participants will be able to get up to 80% of expenses for rent of floor space and exhibition mounting. This year more than 45 companies applied for subsidies, among them many regular participants in the trade show. They are mainly manufacturers of equipment for dairy industry, meat industry, bakery and others.

Rybpromresurs: equipment, ingredients and technologies for the fishing industry at Agroprodmash 2017

06.10.2017 Section: News of branch

For the second year in a row the Agroprodmash exhibition has organized the Rybpromresurs Salon.

The fish processing sector has been arranged at Agroprodmash before. Now creation of a separate specialized salon will simplify work for everybody: visitors can find solutions of interest and obtain necessary information; exhibitors, for their part, will prove to be interesting for their potential customers and can generate new business leads more effectively. Opening of a stand-alone salon at Agroprodmash is largely due to the fact that in recent years the fishing industry has received a critical and constructive attention of the government and has shown an upward trend. It is definitely that upcoming Agroprodmash will enable businessmen to draw preliminary conclusions on 2017 and assess activity markers of fish processing plants.