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05.10.2016 Section: News of branch

The 21th International Exhibition AGROPRODMASH 2016 will be held in Moscow from October 10 to October 14. The Exhibition AGROPRODMASH 2016 is dedicated to machinery, equipment and ingredients for food processing industry.

This year AMATA SCALE will present popular standard solutions and the latest developments in the field of packaging and quality control of products.

Agroprodmash brings together leading manufacturers of equipment for the fish industry

30.08.2016 Section: News of branch

The Rybpromresurs participants at Agroprodmash share information about their products and trends of equipment for the fish processing industry.

“Today new equipment is acquired mainly by large businesses. The largest part of it is used at newly constructed shore-based factories for processing salmonid fishes and nelma. For the most part we are talking about the Kamchatka and Khabarovsk regions; to a lesser degree it happens in the Sakhalin region,” says Artyom Komarov, the head of the advertising and marketing department of the Technological Equipment company. At Agroprodmash 2016 the company will showcase equipment for fish and roe processing. It will especially be interesting to enterprises engaged in deep processing. One of the exhibits is the latest roe separator which is capable to extract salmon, cod and pollock roe without changing components and assemblies. It ensures that extraction of salmon roe from defrosted skein is 10–20% higher than when using Japanese counterparts.

General Director of Haarslev Industries OOO Eduard Lobyan says that the main reason why Russian manufacturers cannot reach the level of production of western countries is outdated equipment. The company’s focus is design and manufacture of equipment, and setup of units for processing of livestock and fish waste. About 20% of Haarslev Industries’s products connected with processing of fish byproducts. “There is a shortage of fish flour. According to the official figures, the annual demand for fish flour, mainly for poultry and pig farming, is 420 thousand tons, but only 80 thousand tons are produced,” says Eduard Lobyan.

Kloeckner Pentaplast will display latest range of packaging solutions at Agroprodmash 2016

29.08.2016 Section: News of branch

Klöckner Pentaplast will present the latest range of packaging solutions at Agroprodmash, 10-14 October in Moscow, Russia. Focusing on the recently awarded clikPET packaging design, visitors can learn a lot about the PET-based technology for yogurt packaging. Visit the Klöckner Pentaplast team at booth #81C40 at the show.

clikPET is a newly developed PET-based technology for yogurt packaging. It can be used on major FFS lines, seals, labels and trays. Thanks to the basis of PET technology, the product offers a safe and sustainable solution for the market. With this material consumers can snap apart a single serving yogurt cup from the multipack. This packaging technology also extends the shelf life up to 10 days, offering more flexibility to retailers and suppliers and enhancing end-consumers’ needs for fresh and natural ingredients. As a result of the excellent material properties, cups breakage rates are reduced to low levels.

Agroprodmash 2015 brings together professionals of fruit and vegetable processing industry to the annual conference

29.09.2015 Section: News of branch

On 6 October 2015 the 20th edition of the Agroprodmash International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry will feature the Annual Conference on the Latest Technologies for Fruit and Vegetable Processing.

Participants will get the most relevant information about the market of fruit and vegetable processing in the current economic environment, discuss a wide range of issues, and search for possible solutions.

Agroprodmash 2015: the Best Platform to Showcase New Products

29.09.2015 Section: News of branch

Manufacturers of machinery, equipment and ingredients for the food processing industry look forward to the opening of the 20th anniversary international exhibition Agroprodmash 2015 which will run at Expocentre Fairgrounds from October 5 through 9. Many participants inform of the novelties they plan to exhibit this year in advance. Agroprodmash hits top ten largest and most efficient trade shows in Europe.

The Agroprodmash 2015 exhibitors will demonstrate new equipment for meat processing, dairy, cheese and drinks production, packaging and refrigeration solutions and ingredients. The Confectionary and Bakery Salon is expected to feature a wide range of new products. Irtysh OmPO, for example, will showcase a new dough mixing machine, an oven and a flour sifter. The Swiss company Bühler will present new technology for chocolate production. Newcomers to the trade show such as Copvest, Pama Roma, KonditerHouse, TvZPO (Tver Plant of Food Equipment) will make attractive offers for the Agroprodmash visitors.

According to the Bestrom press office “Agroprodmash covers all sectors of the agro-industry. This trade show is one of the best platforms to showcase new equipment and technology for processing, packaging and storage of products”. The Bestrom company will take an active part in the exhibition and show new packaging machines.

Russian Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachyov congratulated the Agroprodmash exhibition on its anniversary

29.09.2015 Section: News of branch

Russian Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachyov congratulated the Agroprodmash exhibition on its 20th anniversary and sent a welcome address to the show participants, visitors, and organisers.

In his welcome address Alexander Tkachyov emphasises the importance of the trade show which is a reputable event for the industry experts. The aim of the show is to ensure the country’s food security and facilitate upgrading of food facilities.

“Agroprodmash brings together food equipment manufacturers and agricultural processers and promotes the development of Russia’s food processing industry. The show responds to import substitution challenges and contributes to upgrading of Russia’s agribusiness”, pointed out the Minister.